I am a mixed media, expressionist artist living and working in Manhattan.



My work. 

is a mix of collage and decollage, taking fashion paste ups from all over the city and superimposing them onto construction site wood or disassembled furniture. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the glossy with the gritty, and this relationship is directly inspired by the aesthetics of New York City – being the posh industrial jungle that it is.

Taking images and objects from the public and re-curating them into personal statements exhilarates me. Everything about the process of tearing down these posters to neutralizing the identities of the models gives me a sense of intervention – it makes me feel like I exist.


My art is mostly composed of materials and imagery that are otherwise discarded or ignored, and I want to give them new life and a new voice. I want to acknowledge the existence of art amongst noise, expression amongst apathy, and voice amongst anonymity. It’s my meager fight to make meager things more beautiful.